Dienstag, 30. Juli 2019

dj-mix bei SHFTD

exklusiv für SHFTD (aus Bristol, UK) habe ich ein dj-set erstellt. als podcast #90 ist es nun auf soundcloud zu hören.

hier der infotext:

xotox is a solo musical project from Paderborn, Germany started by Andreas Davids in the late 90s. Andreas has been involved in electronic music since his earliest youth, since 1998 he has been musically active in the field of industrial and rhythm and noise with the project xotox. Under his real name, Andreas prefers to release dark ambient, IDM and experimental either on his own or on various labels such as "Inner Demons Records" or, in collaboration with Tony Young, under the name NATURA EST at the label "Ant-Zen". In this recording for SHFTD, xotox shows off the side of deep ambient with strong experimental, industrial and IDM influences.


MG - Pinking
m² - what are they preparing us for?
Orphx - Chalice
L´ombre - Relax, it´s digital
Mlada Fronta - Contrast
Lusine Icl - Sin
Denny Engler - Moogland (Aehm Remix)
xotox - I dream only beautiful nightmares (Tonriss Remix)
Autoclav1.1 - White into amber (Beatmix by Andreas Davids)
xotox - Weltuntergang (Nyppy Remix)
xotox - I dream only beautiful nightmares (defaults Remix)
Andreas Davids - Pulsschlag

hier geht´s zum podcast auf soundcloud